DNS security, or Domain Name System security, refers to the measures and protocols implemented to protect the Domain Name System, which is a crucial component of the internet infrastructure.

Why Is DNS Security Important?

DNS security is important because the DNS is vulnerable to various types of attacks and misuse. Some common threats to DNS include

DNS Spoofing or Cache Poisoning
Attackers may attempt to insert false DNS records into the cache of a DNS resolver, redirecting users to malicious websites.
DNS Amplification Attacks
This involves exploiting misconfigured DNS servers to amplify a small attack into a much larger one, overwhelming the target.
DNS DDoS Attacks
Distributed Denial of Service attacks targeting DNS servers can disrupt or overload the DNS infrastructure, making websites inaccessible.
DNS Tunneling
Malicious actors may use DNS to bypass network security measures and exfiltrate data covertly.

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