SASE - Secure Access Service Edge

Secure Access Service Edge or SASE is an architecture that combines comprehensive WAN capabilities including SD-WAN, routing, and WAN optimization with cloud-delivered security services such as SWG, CASB, and ZTNA.

As users connect from anywhere and access sensitive data in the cloud, SASE brings a more secure and flexible way to connect by not backhauling application traffic to a data center. Instead, SASE intelligently steers the traffic to the cloud and performs advanced security inspection directly in the cloud.
SASE addresses the need for improved application performance and increased network security as the number of remote users increases and as enterprises continue to migrate applications to the cloud.

Components Of SASE

The main components of SASE are advanced SD-WAN and comprehensive cloud-delivered security.

Tight integration with multiple cloud-delivered security services to avoid vendor lock-in.
First-packet application identification to enable granular steering of traffic.
SaaS acceleration and WAN optimization.
Best path selection based on business needs and quality of service (QoS).
Tunnel bonding to combine multiple links and support automated failover.
Zero-touch provisioning to automatically deploy remote sites and seamlessly implement change.

Benefits Of SASE

Enhanced Security
Improved Business Security and Customer Satisfaction
Improved IT Efficiency and Lower Overall WAN and Security Costs

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