Privilege Account Management (PAM)

Privilege Account Management strengthens security by limiting access to sensitive systems and data only to authorized individuals, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches.

Minimize the risk of insider threats and external cyberattacks with PAM.

Track and trace actions taken by privileged users easily.

PAM helps to avoid Cyber Threats

Limit Privilege
Limiting the access of applications, technology, and people, to privileged users automatically ensures that any traces of wrongful entrances are also diminished.
Protect against Data Breach
PAM minimizes the number of rights for every privileged account and so if that account gets compromised it will be within a very narrow scope of a data breach.
Protect credentials
Protects credentials of confidential software, accounts, privileged accounts, and other related systems. All this is managed in a secure repository.

Importance Of Privilege Account Management (PAM)

  • Minimize the potential for a security breach. If a breach does occur, a PAM solution helps limit its reach in your system.
  • Reduce entrances and pathways for threat actors. Limited privileges for people, processes, and applications protect against internal and external threats.
  • Prevent malware attacks. If malware does gain a foothold, removing excessive privileges can help reduce its spread.
  • Create a more audit-friendly environment. Achieve a comprehensive security and risk management strategy with activity logs that help you monitor and detect suspicious activity.

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