SIEM - Security Information And Events Management

Security information and event management, or SIEM, is a security solution that helps organizations recognize and address potential security threats and vulnerabilities before they have a chance to disrupt business operations. SIEM systems help enterprise security teams detect user behavior anomalies and use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate many of the manual processes associated with threat detection and incident response.

SIEM systems can mitigate cyber risk with a range of use cases such as detecting suspicious user activity, monitoring user behavior, limiting access attempts and generating compliance reports.

Use And Capabilities of SIEM

Log Management
SIEM systems gather vast amounts of data in one place, organize it, and then determine if it shows signs of a threat, attack, or breach.
Event Correlation
The data is then sorted to identify relationships and patterns to quickly detect and respond to potential threats.
Incident Monitoring And Response
SIEM technology monitors security incidents across an organization’s network and provides alerts and audits of all activity related to an incident.

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