Vulnerability assessment is the ongoing, regular process of defining, identifying, classifying and reporting cyber vulnerabilities across endpoints, workloads, and systems.

Vulnerability assessment identifies weaknesses or vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, and software, along with the inherent risks they introduce.

Key features of a vulnerability assessment

Automated tools are used to scan the target system for known vulnerabilities.
Identifying Weaknesses
The assessment identifies security weaknesses and provides a prioritized list of vulnerabilities.
No Exploitation
Vulnerability assessment does not involve actively exploiting vulnerabilities; it focuses on identification and reporting.
Remediation Recommendations
The assessment results typically include recommendations for remediation and mitigation.

Importance Of Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability is any weakness within the IT environment that can be exploited by a threat actor during a cyber attack, allowing them access to systems, applications, data and other assets. As such, it is crucial for organizations to identify these weak spots before cybercriminals discover them and utilize them as part of an attack.

Network Security
Identifying Open Ports and Services
Assessments help in identifying open ports and services on networked devices, highlighting potential entry points for attackers.
Firewall Rule Review
Evaluate the effectiveness of firewall rules to ensure that only necessary and authorized traffic is allowed.
Web Application Security
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and SQL Injection
Assessments can identify vulnerabilities like XSS and SQL injection in web applications, helping to prevent attacks that exploit these vulnerabilities.
Security Misconfigurations
Detect and rectify misconfigurations in web servers, application servers, and databases.
Endpoint Security
Malware and Antivirus Protection
Assess the effectiveness of endpoint protection solutions in detecting and preventing malware infections.
Patch Management
Identify systems that are missing critical security patches, reducing the risk of exploitation.
Wireless Security
Wi-Fi Network Assessment
Evaluate the security of wireless networks to ensure that unauthorized devices cannot easily connect.
Encryption Strength
Assess the strength of encryption protocols used in wireless communication.

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